android application / listening walk

Sound Studies Master Austellung, KÜHLHAUS, Berlin, 2015
Kongress der Möglichkeiten, KUNSTRAUM, BETHANIAN, Berlin, 2015
Shedsound, Experimentelle Klangkunstreihe, SHEDHALLE, Tübingen, 2015
Liquid Architecture Festival, THE CHANNEL, ARTS CENTRE, Melbourne and FIRST DRAFT, Sydney, 2015

Anywhere, All the Time, Liquid Architecture, Melbourne, 2015

Anywhere, All the Time, Listening Walk, Berlin, 2015 Listening Walk, Kühlhaus, Berlin, 2015

An application for android devices that sonifies wireless WI-FI and GPS networks, providing a sonic presence to phenomena that usually lies beyond human perception. Intersecting with the social, technological and political convergences within contemporary, mobile society – one walks through the city intercepting these wireless global infrastructures, the sonification of which, creates a compositional mapping within our everyday environments.

Portable smart devices, by the very characteristics that determine their success, also make them particularly suitable as surveillance devices. Wi-fi technology, cell phone towers and locative media provide specific geo-reference to material territories so that it becomes possible to quite literally ‘follow the actor’.

By providing a direct sensory experience of data through sound I’m interested in how it feels to live in a culture where our public space is mediated by technological infrastructure that simultaneously empowers via communication and compromises via mass surveillance. Do our smart devices operate primarily as bridges or walls?

Anywhere, All the Time from ORANGE 'EAR on Vimeo.

Walking Down the Main Street of Reykjavík

Anywhere, All the Time, Liquid Architecture, Melbourne, 2015 Liquid Architecture, The Channel Arts Centre, Melbourne, 2015