Jasmine Guffond

No Sound, No Movement, No Memory

Exhibition, No Sound No Movement No Memory, Sydney, 2003

14 speakers / 1 fluorescent light / 1 variable timer / 4 CD players / 8 channel audio playback / 24 minute repeater

Anywhere Now, SCOTT DONOVAN GALLERY, Sydney, 2003

Collaboration with Torben Tilly

MINIT'S electro-acoustic installation no sound, no movement, no memories uses multiple arrays of speakers and a flickering fluorescent light to explore the connection between the mundane naure of our sonic environment and the passing of time. Field recordings of ambient room tones, radiophonoic signal, electrical hums and site-specific environmental noises are combined in a seemingly random order to create an architecture of interminable sound, the form of which is as once conceivable yet forever undolding. The fluidity of this audio composition is counteracted by the erratic, incessant interruption of a single flickering fluorescent light.