Jasmine Guffond

Untold Stories

Exhibition, Untold Stories, First Draft 2017

Composition for WiFi, GPS, Architecture, Furniture and People, explores sound as a method of socio-political investigation. Working with the properties of sound as a vibrational force WiFi and GPS networks are sonified into sub-frequencies specifically tuned to the room, thereby causing architecture and furniture to vibrate. By translating humanly imperceptible networks into the medium of sonic vibration, we are reminded that every object and every being, contains resonate frequencies that can be activated through sound.

Simultaneously used for global communication and surveillance, WiFi and GPS infrastructures inform our everyday experience by expanding our urban boundaries to the geopolitical and information channels of the world. Providing an audible presence for these otherwise intangible infrastructures allows for a direct sensory experience that encourages listening as a mode of examination.

Exhibition, Untold Stories, First Draft 2017

First Draft, Sydney, 2017 anywhere all the time app

Exhibition, Untold Stories, Berlin 2016

Quiet Cue, Berlin, 2016
4 subwoofers / 6 nukleus speakers / 1 android tablet / anywhere all the time app